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Buy a Louis Vuitton suitcase for $500 and earn this when you sell it

Buy a Louis Vuitton suitcase for $500 and earn this when you sell it
Buy a Louis Vuitton suitcase for $500 and earn this when you sell it
  • It is estimated that the second-hand market will reach a volume of 77 billion dollars in 2025 globally.

  • Over the next few years, the online second-hand component is expected to expand by 69 percent.

  • During 2020, 33 million people invested in second-hand clothing for the first time.

Second-hand products have become a way to save on purchases for many people who are even tripling their investment in these products when selling them. That happened with a woman who told on TikTok how she bought a used Louis Vuitton suitcase for 500 Mexican pesos and ended up auctioning it for a price of 50,000.

Today consumers are betting on the new options of conscious purchase, that is why second hand sales have become so popular. The report “Consumer Trends 2022” details that during 2020, 33 million people in the world invested for the first time in second-hand clothing.

For its part, in Mexico, the second-hand market has been showing a boom and relevant popularity among Mexican consumers, where platforms such as Mercado Libre, eBay, Linio, among others, have been gaining more ground every day.

Given this, a survey carried out between March and April of last year, detailed that 42 percent of the population of the so-called Generation Z (between 18 and 24 years of age) and Millennials (between 25 and 37 years of age ) claimed to have made purchases of second-hand clothing, footwear and other accessories during 2020.

The history

A woman has gone viral on TikTok, after telling that she bought a Louis Vuitton suitcase for 500 Mexican pesos, and ended up winning by selling it for 50,000.

According to the young woman, who identifies like Estefy Chescia, the purchase was made in the Facebook Marketplace application, and put the location in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, to start looking for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Gucci.

“I will always be buying and auctioning,” he says.

According to what the young woman mentioned, her search was successful, as she found a vintage suitcase that, she said in the publication, was from the Louis Vuitton brand, presumably original.

“It sounds too good to be true, but sometimes people finish off things or bring back bad memories or etc., and they already want to get it out and they give it away very cheap,” he said.

As recounted in the viral recording, the young man who sold it assured that the suitcase belonged to his mother, he had been with her for many years, but after she passed away, he decided to sell it.

Likewise, the woman said that the seller told her that said suitcase had been bought in Paris.

Given that, he decided to take a risk and buy the suitcase, only he still had the doubt as to whether it was an original product, for which he asked him to create a MercadoLibre account so that, in case it was not, he could return it without problems.

@estefychescia In this account we love buying second hand fyp segundamano thrift louisvuitton secondhand compradoracompulsiva ♬ original sound – Estefy Chescia

Two days later, the suitcase arrived, which he had authenticated for 500 more Mexican pesos at the fashion firm. “Yes, it was original, the truth is that I was super excited”, ensures.

He says that these suitcases can cost up to 100 thousand Mexican pesos; However, he could easily sell it for 50 thousand, because it had many details of use.

The woman who is dedicated to making these purchases also showed in her video the certificate of authenticity that she was given and added that she does everything thanks to her ability to buy and sell. “It’s a gift, but it’s my curse,” he said.

The recording registers 1.8 million views and various comments from the same Internet users who applaud the initiative of women to purchase second-hand products.

It is not the first story of this style that goes viral on networks, as there is the case of a man who narrated in a video on TikTok how to buy an Apple device in an online second-hand store and then find the secrets over the days ” dirty” of a millionaire.

In conclusion, the days have changed and with it the ways in which people consume any product that is on the market.

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