PHOTO | In a bikini, Paulina Mercado breaks the net and boasts a perfect abdomen

PHOTO | In a bikini, Paulina Mercado breaks the net and boasts a perfect abdomen
PHOTO | In a bikini, Paulina Mercado breaks the net and boasts a perfect abdomen

The smile that captivates and the bearing that imposes, this is how Paulina Market can begin to describe The television host has drawn attention for her ability to discern in various Television Image programs. After this, his natural talent and ability to approach each conversation, have shown him as a presenter intelligent, eloquent and able to adapt to the environment.

With sympathy as a flag and the art of entertaining in his veins, Paulina Market She has added to her list of qualities that of clearly being such a beautiful woman that, if required, she can be found as a very sensual lady. Faced with this truth, the Host of Sale El Sol take advantage of his presence and she shines on the beach with a black bikini as the perfect outfit for any man to succumb to her.

Beautiful 5 decade old woman

One of the surprises that prevail when learning more about Paulina Mercado, is that she was born on June 30, 1972. With 50 years of life and looking a decade younger, Paulina is one of those women who, like a good wine, can only get better over time.

Such is the case that, recently, he shared an image in his account of instagram @paulinamercado007 The same one that left more than one with their mouths open. And it is that in this one, the girl was extremely smiling, walking through the beach and with a black bikini that gave way to the tan of her skin. The pareo and a lot of self-confidence accompanied her on this postcard.

Collect stories with Juan Soler

Your recent love affair with the actor and TV host, Juan Soler, is gaining relevance because both amalgamate qualities that stand out. Therefore, he only remained to read what she expressed on her instagram to accompany her photograph.

“In life you have to collect stories, moments… it’s the only thing that will remain forever in the memory of the heart! This was a happy moment! What will you do this day to add one more to the collection!? @saleelsoltv @imagentvmex”, Mercado indicated.

Given his imposing presence, perfect abdomen and captivating smile, Juan Soler was ready to respond to his beloved: “To collect stories and moments together.”


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