Christian Nodal shares a preview of the song that he would sing with Belinda; he will do it with Tini

Christian Nodal shares a preview of the song that he would sing with Belinda. Photo: AFP

Almost a year after announcing his separation from Belinda, Christian Nodal shared a advancement of the song “For the rest of your life”which he would record together with the beautiful interpreter, to whom he gave an expensive engagement ring.

Through their stories of instagramthe representative of the mariacheño genre shared the first images of Official video of the theme that he will interpret together with tinias confirmed by the famous after breaking up with Belinda, who has said what he regrets about his courtship with the singer.

The images, also shared by tini by the same means by which you did it Christian Nodahim, were taken up on various social media accounts, causing a stir among followers of the singers

The faithful followers of interpreter of “Probably”, “From the kisses I gave you” and “Goodbye Love”, among others, they also shared the cover of the song where you can see Nodal beside tiniwho wears a sexy dress and the loose hair.

After the publication, dozens of followers announced that the song that Nodal I would sing with Belindaand that, according to what is known, would be released on February 14 “Day of love and friendship”, will be a success.

“It will be a hit. Congratulations”, “I am already crying”, “The advance”, “It has not come out and I already love it”, “I want to listen to it now”, “I want to listen to it now”, “They are going to break up, it is a great song”, “I I’m dying of happiness”, “I wasn’t prepared to see this”, “I’m dying”, “Another hit”, “What a duo. I want to hear the song”are part of the comments that can be read by the faithful fans of Christian Nodal and Tini.

When does Nodal’s song with Tini premiere?

The premiere of the theme “For the rest of your life” is scheduled for the Friday January 27, date that the followers of the singers are already waiting for.

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