BTS’s Jungkook is allegedly caught smoking in the middle of the street

Currently Jungkook of bts He is in Qatar making preparations to open the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The idol traveled from South Korea to the capital of the Arab country on November 15 and since then he has been caught several times walking through the streets of the country .

First seen filming what appears to be a commercial or music video, the locals were very excited and give their full support to the 25-year-old boy. And it is that he recorded a song for the soundtrack of the 2022 World Cup, the theme is called Dreamers and will be available on November 20.

But what currently caught the attention of netizens has nothing to do with football. And it is that supposedly jungkook He was caught by a group of paparazzi while he was walking smoking in the middle of the street. The photos that are currently going through the networks are very confusing since the man is seen fully covered and in Qatar it is very hot.

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But thanks to the help of armywhich did not rest until they discovered the truth, it was learned that it is actually about the Japanese actor and singer kamenashi kazuya, which has starred in various movies and series. Without a doubt, the resemblance is undeniable and anyone could easily confuse them.

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