Singer Mauricio Garza died of drowning in Monterrey

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Mexico City / 27.10.2022 09:03:00

Mauricio Garza, famous singer of the Monterrey duo ‘Dos Garza’, died. The 26-year-old artist who has mourned the music world allegedly drowned in a pool, according to some reports.

It was through social networks where it became known that Maucho Garza had died. Presumably the singer drowned in a pool that was located in a fifth.

Mauricio Garza was a member of the group 'Dos Garzas'| Instagram

Mauricio Garza was a member of the group ‘Dos Garzas’| Instagram

Although the reasons for his death have not been disclosed, on social networks, several users have deposited their condolences for the singer.

“Rest in peace”; “I hope his family heals”; “Rest in Peace Mauricio!”; “Rest in Peace Mauricio! We will miss you”; “My heart aches with this unfortunate news”, she reads between the reactions.

In addition, an image with details of his funeral was published on his Instagram account.

Mauricio Garza Garza dies (Capture)
Mauricio Garza Garza dies (Capture)

Mauricio Garza Garza dies (Capture)

Who was Mauricio Garza?

Mauricio Garza, known by his followers as ‘Maucho’, was a young member of the group ‘Dos Garza’ that he created with his brother Patricio and he was in charge of composing and making musical arrangements, he was 26 years old and was originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León .


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