Cuchao is eliminated by Kenta in Survivor Mexico

Cuchao is eliminated by Kenta in Survivor Mexico
Cuchao is eliminated by Kenta in Survivor Mexico

Survivor Mexico is in the last days of competition, so the rules and dynamics change day after day. Our beloved Warrior surprised the survivors tonight with the announcement of the new Immunity Game and the elimination of the Tribal Council.

The survivors faced various tests to find the participants worthy of obtaining immunity. For the first time, the voting and strategies to make way for the

physical competencies.

All the contestants showed their greatest potential to win immunity. It was a balance testresistance, balance and concentration, as men and women were placed on a beam with the purpose of keeping a container of water intact in the heights.

David Ortega Y Cynthia They were the absolute winners of the event, obtaining immunity and a delicious dinner to seal their triumph.

A third was played game for immunity, where Julián became the third participant to be safe one more day. Therefore, Cuchao and Kenta were sent to the Extinction Game.

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Cuchao becomes the eliminated Survivor Mexico

After bragging about having eliminated Yusef, Catalina and David García, Cuchao did not run with the best of luck tonight. The content creator was eliminated in the Extinction Game after fighting Kenta.

“I am the one who goes to the ring and it is not anyone’s fault, it is absolutely my fault. I like challenges… I like to be the threat to everyone,” he stated before the game.

They both faced a very patient duel, because they had to transport small balls to a net, only with the help of their fingers. Kenta showed great skill and eliminated Cuchao.

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