Riverdale actor Ryan Grantham sentenced to life in prison

Actor Ryan Grantham, who plays Jeffery Augustine, murdered his mother in 2020 and revealed what his second victim would have been had he not turned himself in to Vancouver police

Last March, Ryan Grantham -series actor Riverdalepleaded guilty to murdering his mother, Barbara Waite, by shooting while the 64-year-old played the piano at her home in Squamish, Canada. After the long-awaited trial, in which it was revealed macabre and surprising detailsThis week the 24-year-old was sentenced by the British Columbia Supreme Court to life in prison for the murder.

Ryan Grantham in the 2016 film Considering Love and Other Magic

Ryan Grantham in the 2016 movie Considering Love and Other Magic – Credits: @imdb.com

As published AND!, the sentence contemplates the possibility that he enjoy the conditional release regime after serving at least 14 years in prison . Also, the court issued an order prohibiting the use of firearms for life . Both a life sentence and a ban on the use of firearms are mandatory for those convicted of second-degree murder in the British Columbia, where the trial took place.

Once the sentence was known, the actor’s lawyer, Chris Johnson, told the media that his client had “worked very hard to change his life” after being arrested for killing his mother. “He has received a lot of psychological help and has felt bad about his actions and has faced them”, assured the lawyer in a statement. And he added: “But he hopes he can spend the rest of his life making amends.”

Details of the grisly case kept Americans on edge. Already during the first hours of the first session, the court heard how the actor admitted to having rehearsed the homicide, and even claimed to have recorded videos the moments after. In those images, which were presented as evidence, she talks about the shooting of Barbara White and shows her body.

He also provided an unusual reason to justify the cold-blooded murder of his mother. “I didn’t want her to see the act of violence that she was going to commit.” It is that after having murdered her, the young man went in search of a second victim. Armed with three pistols, ammunition, Molotov cocktails, camping supplies and a map with directions, drove to the Canadian East with the idea of ​​ending the life of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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As CBC was able to reconstruct, Grantham left Squamish the day after his mother’s murder with her body inside the vehicle. Before leaving the crime scene, she tested one of the explosive bombs he had at his disposal. The trip was long. He drove for an estimated time of 50 hours.

Ryan Grantham in a scene from Riverdale

Ryan Grantham in a scene from Riverdale

Ryan Grantham in a scene from Riverdale – Credits: @imdb.com

He moved on to Hope County, where he stopped to think. It was there where made the decision not to continue with his “mission” and change his route: Now his plan was to commit acts of mass violence on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver or at Simon Fraser University, where he is studying.

However, once again he changed his plans. Perhaps moved by guilt or exhaustion, he went to the Vancouver police department and confessed his crime: “I killed my mother,” he told an officer.

In the middle of the trial hearing, prosecutor Michaela Donnelly presented two psychiatric reports on the mental state of the young man, who played Jeffrey Augustine in Riverdale. Both reports agreed that Grantham was going through an intense period of clinical depression. . The possibility that the young man had experienced impulses to commit violent acts prior to the homicide, along with constant suicidal thoughts, was considered. A possible marijuana use disorder was also identified.

“Ryan’s motives for killing his mother could seem altruistic,” Donnelly pointed out, later making it clear that Barbara White had cancer. “However, Mr. Grantham was looking to save his mother from something he was going to do… That is something other than altruism,” he considered next.

Along these lines, he insisted that what the young man committed was nothing more than a “heartbreaking abuse of trust” because “it was a mother who loved her son very much and who had no reason to be afraid of him.”

Only on the last day of hearings did the accused reveal what he felt for his mother: “I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse. It hurts me to think how much I wasted my life. Facing something so horrible, asking for forgiveness seems so useless. But from every fiber of my being, I feel. Someday, if I ever get out of prison, I hope to continue on this path of getting better,” he stated.

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