Survivor Mexico: Cuchao breaks the silence after his elimination

Survivor Mexico: Cuchao breaks the silence after his elimination
Survivor Mexico: Cuchao breaks the silence after his elimination

There is little left for the third season of Survivor Mexico come to an end, only the strongest reached this point, but some have stayed close to the grand finale, this time it was the turn of cuchao perez that immediately after being removed broke the silence and here we tell you the details.

The night of last Thursday, September 22, was completely different from the others, because there was no Tribal Council and no votesbut everything was decided by Physical tests and remained in the hands of the participants.

In that sense, the content creator and Kenta Delgado they lost the first battles, so they had to face each other in an Extinction Game that basically required patience, there the model prevailed with a good display.

In this way, there are five survivors left in the fight for the championship, three of them will be in the last episode of the program to fight for the title: Kenta, Cyntia Cofano, David Ortega, Julián Huergo and Nahomi Mejía (already secured the ticket).

What did Cuchao Pérez say after his elimination?

Cuchao Pérez was on the verge of elimination in previous broadcasts, however, now it has become a reality, although along the way he left contenders such as Yusef Farah, Catalina Blanco and David García.

After falling in the decisive duels, the internet star took full responsibility for his expulsion, He stated that he liked to feel like the threat to others and said goodbye with his head held high.

“I am too happy, full and happy with myself. I had highs, many lows, but in the end I got up and went on my way, ”he expressed. “I found myself, I valued what I have, my family, my girlfriend,” he added.

Also, Cuchao clarified the situation that led to the departure of Yusef Farahexplained that Survivor Mexico is very much about strategy, he found out that he was on the tightrope and instantly began to think what to do to get the favorite out to win, then he thought about the Cata medallion and convinced everyone to vote for the Lebanese Lion. It was all his idea.

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