Yusef, Santi and Cathe ask not to vote for Nahomi in Survivor

Yusef, Santi and Cathe ask not to vote for Nahomi in Survivor
Yusef, Santi and Cathe ask not to vote for Nahomi in Survivor

During the last days in Survivor Mexicoall kinds of strategies and betrayals have been seen that have left viewers completely surprised, because nobody expected that the final stretch would be so intense among the survivors.

Survivors believe that Nahomi’s strategy was just to use them.

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Although the competition is at its best, Nahomi She is the only participant who is in the final thanks to the symbols she has obtained throughout the competition and the one she gave her Yusef before being removed; However, things have not painted well for her, because her companions and those who have already left point to her as treacherous.

Everyone is willing to do anything to be able to reach the final of Survivor Mexicowell let’s remember that not everything is physical competition, since most of it is strategy, alliances and betrayals, which according to his colleagues is the specialty of Nahomi.

The strong request of those eliminated from Survivor Mexico.

Recently, some of those eliminated had a live link where they concluded that many were heavily manipulated and betrayed by Nahomi.

At the meeting you can see Santi, Christian, Cathe and Yusefwho claimed that Nahomi has played a good strategy within the beaches of survivoralthough that has led her to betray those who claimed to be her friends.

My face was already worth ma… this girl betrayed me

After this situation, many of the former participants have asked the public not to vote for her, since the way she has reached the final is not adequate, this according to her words and what they experienced in Survivor Mexico.

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Without a doubt, everyone realized the betrayals they were victims of until they left Survivor Mexicoso they don’t want that Nahomi be the winner.

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