What does it mean to give yellow flowers on September 21? – The Sun of Mexico

What does it mean to give yellow flowers on September 21? – The Sun of Mexico
What does it mean to give yellow flowers on September 21? – The Sun of Mexico

Networking social turned viral talk about the yellow flowerseither give them to someone specialbut more than anything receive them.

They are even shared memes in which people express its desire to be surprised with a simple detail that includes one or more colored flowers yellow.

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The language of the “chaviza” sometimes it can be a bit confused or even nonsense, as it is difficult relate this act with something important on the calendar date.

Here we tell you the meaning behind the trend to receive yellow flowers on September 21.

Why are yellow flowers given?

the gift yellow flowers to you in love made popular based on the plot of the Argentine series “Floricienta” that premiered in 2004 and was broadcast throughout Latin Americaeven in our country.

In the history of the series, the protagonist falls in love with a young man whom he expects to receive nail yellow flowersbecause it was a sleep that I had since I was little.

As a result of this romantic justification, some people began to give yellow flowers to that person special in order to make happy and to surprise to the inner girl or boy that is carried inside.

Choose September 21 as date key when submitting this giftis because it is the day on which the spring in the southern hemisphere, that is, in Argentina, where the series takes place.

Is information is mentioned in a song interpreted by the protagonist, a theme that TikTok or Instagram users use to highlight background in their videos with the chorus saying:

“She knew that he knew that one day it would happen, that he would come looking for her with his yellow flowers.”

The Mexican version is “Lola, once upon a time”

Some time later, the premiere version Mexican of “Floricienta”, called “Lola, once upon a time”, a novel in which Eiza González interprets the same songso it became more popular in the country.

A meaning even more deepis because the person who gives you yellow flowers, makes you a invitation to spend the rest of his life together without wasting any more time, just like what happens in the Floricienta series.

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Almost 20 years after its premiere, this history of love continues to be present among couples, especially women, who wait with craving receive a beautiful yellow bouquet on September 21 from your loved.

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