Viral: For this reason yellow flowers are given this September 21

Viral: For this reason yellow flowers are given this September 21
Viral: For this reason yellow flowers are given this September 21

Today it became a trend in social networks after the importance of boys give yellow flowers to their partnersthe same trend that for many was confusing as they did not know what it was about.

Actually, the trend started after several users of social networks, especially TikTok, created some videos in which they mentioned that if they received yellow flowers from their partners, they would be with them for a long time.

Some of the comments that most aroused curiosity among the rest of the Internet users who still did not know what it was about, were: “Envy? Envy only those who are going to give you yellow flowers this Wednesday”, or “I hope your special someone gives you yellow flowers,” which were usually accompanied by videos that quickly went viral. However, many continued to misunderstand the purpose of this trend.

In fact, according to the Internet users themselves, to understand the motive behind this train, we must go back to the year 2004, when the Argentine telenovela Floricienta premiered, which, thanks to its great success, managed to be broadcast in various regions of Latin America. (including Mexico) through the canal Disney Channel.

The story of this melodrama revolves around its main character, Florencia, a young orphan who by chance ends up working as a nanny in the home of a rich family. It is in this new chapter of her life where she meets Federico, with whom she ends up having a stormy romance, since he even ends up dying at the end of the melodrama after a tragic accident.

How did the “Yellow Flowers” ​​ritual come about?

One of the reasons why this Argentine melodrama is highly remembered by its fans is because of its musical theme. Yellow flowers, performed by its protagonist.

In this musical theme, the character of Florencia wants her boyfriend to give her a bouquet of flowers of this color to show her love.

Even in the TikTok clips that have already gone viral on the network, you can hear the well-known lyrics of the song: “She knew that he knew that one day it would happen, that he would come looking for her with his yellow flowers.”

Derived from this letter, several users and fans of the melodrama did not hesitate to be excited because their lover gave them yellow flowers, since this cheerful color has been attributed to the arrival of spring in Argentina.

Some of these users shared brief explanations about it.

“Context: In Argentina (where Floricienta is from and has her song (“Yellow Flowers”) it is spring day”.

It is necessary to remember that in the southern country this season of the year is one of the most anticipated by its inhabitants, since it is warm and ideal to enjoy the days under the sun, associated with the joy and the beginning of spring (Some point out that this season of the year begins on September 21 in Argentina, while others say it is on September 23).



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