A lot of sadness!: These are the zodiac signs that most connect with grief

A lot of sadness!: These are the zodiac signs that most connect with grief
A lot of sadness!: These are the zodiac signs that most connect with grief

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For the Astrology each of the Zodiac signs have different energies they help give clues to what their various personalities are like. For example, there are some who are characterized by being very direct in saying things, while there are others who are very orderly.

In this opportunity We will talk about the signs that most connect with grief, that is, they are those who feel their emotions very deeply, but with which they are most linked is sadness, and it can sometimes be difficult for them to get out of that feeling. Some say they are too sensitive, while others say they are too perceptive, will you be on the list?

It should be noted that at We are all influenced in different ways by the energies of the signs of the Zodiacthat is why we invite you to check if you are on the list according to your Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign.

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Those who are from Cancer are recognized for their emotionality and also for their empathy, since Cancerians, being a water sign, tend to navigate the sentimental world, especially if they feel safe. One of the emotions that they experience with great frequency is grief or sadness, especially when they are nostalgic, since the little crabs of the Zodiac tend to cling to the past and regret not being there.

Although there is nothing that bothers them more, Scorpios are highly sensitive people, since their emotions are intense and deep. Those of this sign have learned to hide their emotions very well since they are terrified of seeing themselves “weak” or feeling vulnerable, which It does not mean that they do not feel sorry, in fact they can harbor this feeling in their intention for years, since they do not always allow themselves to let go of what made them hurt.

Pisceans are characterized by their enormous connection with all the beings that inhabit the planet, and they are so empathic that sometimes it turns out to be a double-edged sword. Those who are from Pisces often feel without limits and even suffer because of what happens to others, which often makes them connect with sorrow or sadness. This does not mean that they can be extremely happy people, it’s just that sometimes so much sensitivity takes their toll.

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