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Chayanne wears a “new face” and the networks explode

Users speculate that Chayanne has had surgery on his face. | Photo: Instagram.

Chayanne reappeared on social networks showing a “renewed face” which caused his fans to react and speculation began about whether the 54-year-old singer resorted to the plastic surgery to give yourself “a fix”.

The criticism about the current appearance of the face of Chayanne began when users on social networks pointed out that, in a video published by the singer last June to promote his new song “I love you and period”, the Puerto Rican looked “swollen” and “without facial movement in the area of ​​​​the cheekbones.”

Among the comments that the interpreter of “Torero” received on his Instagram account from his fans and followers were subtle observations such as “you look different” either “Age suits you very well”; even texts in which they suggested the singer sue his cosmetologist:

“Nooooooooooooo. There was no need to destroy your face now, you should sue the cosmetologist who destroyed it, you were beautiful” either “That need to stretch looked much better natural”

However, the comments about the appearance of Chayanne’s face have not stoppedand it is that, in later publications, users in social networks have insisted on “how different” and “rare” you see in your photos and videos.

Until now, the Puerto Rican has not spoken about it, so it is unknown if he really resorted to any aesthetic treatment to improve his appearance and combat the passage of age.

This is not the first time that there has been speculation about whether Chayanne any aesthetic intervention has been carried out, However, the singer has never hidden his age and even in 2019 denied having undergone any type of procedure.

Furthermore, it is known that Chayanne is one of the artists who puts the most effort into his personal appearancewhich is why he has a good diet and exercises constantly.

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