Luis Enrique wears a patch on his arm: what is it for?

The streams of Luis Enrique from Qatar they are giving a lot of play. The national selector He has no qualms about talking about anything. and always leaves some interesting information. It also serves to get to know you a little better. For example, he has revealed what his breakfast is and if he is happy with the lushness of his hair.

Among the doubts that it has resolved for subscribers is the reason why wears a patch on the back of the arm, an adhesive that had raised a lot of expectations. As Luis Enrique has indicated, it is a kind of Digital metabolic GPS called GlucoVibes.

What is glucose?

Glucose is a simple sugar that is the main source of energy for our cells. It can be burned or stored as a reserve in the form of fat.

This little device is used to control glucose levels and “establish a nutrition strategy for sports activity” to be able tor perform at your best. Luis Enrique is clear about who he recommends it to: “It is very interesting for all of you who do endurance sports, since during the race you can see your glucose peaks, especially to be able to supplement yourself during the race.”

This sensor also measures the intakes, activity, sleep quality and stress. Basically, it aims to interpret the user’s metabolic parameters so that they can understand and take advantage of them. In this way, it is easier to achieve the goals setoptimize physical and intellectual performance, as well as live a healthy life.

How does GlucoVibes work?

The first thing to do for the device to start working is place it on the armright in the part of the triceps, and register in the app. As reported by the official website, the sensor offers 14 days of continuous monitoring.

Once GlucoVibes is installed on both the arm and mobile, they should go making vibesconsisting of pass the mobile phone through the device to get the blood glucose level value. With this simple gesture, you can get information about the “evolution, the daily time you spend in adequate ranges, your lowest moments and the impact of the activity”.

Knowing at what point blood glucose is is interesting to optimize physical performance


The arm sensors, which are lightweight and waterproof, have an eight-hour memory, which means you should make a vibe at least during this period of time in order to save the information. If it is not done, all Unsaved data will be deleted.

All information is stored on the MyGlucovibes platform. In this app you can see absolutely everything that GlucoVibes has collected and you can add additional information to complete the metabolic analysis.

With the data collected by the device, the GlucoVibes nutrition team writes a report with all the information stored. In this way, the user can rely on the point of view of a professional to understand the evolution of the glucose curvethe reason for its changes and the guidelines to improve the curve in search of the goal set by each user.

Why is it important to know glucose levels?

Knowing glucose levels is good to prevent diabetes


The main reason for controlling the body’s glucose level is maintain good health. Correct control thanks to devices such as GlucoVibes shows how diet, medication, sports and daily routine affect glucose levelsso they can be take actions To improve the quality of life.

If blood glucose levels are correct, minimizes the risk of long-term complications such as diabetes or other problems with the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

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