If I travel by plane, can I get covid?

If I travel by plane, can I get covid?
If I travel by plane, can I get covid?


If I travel by plane, can I get covid?

The covid-19 pandemic changed the world, it took only two years for life to be different in every home, in every city, in every republic, across the globe.

But time has passed and, although we still have the virus circulating, the chances of contracting it are less and less and we continue to use the necessary protection.

In relation to flights, now that I have had to travel, I have repeatedly heard the question of whether we can contract the virus because we will be locked up for many hours and the ventilation can be contaminated by someone who has covid.


People who travel by plane and have these doubts regarding the hygiene of the interior of the plane will surely have tachycardia, increased blood pressure, possibly dyspnea and shortness of breath and, if they suffer from any ailment, their symptoms will increase.

Scenes of men or women getting up from their seats to talk to flight attendants and expressing their fears are common on long trips and cause other passengers discomfort.


The reality is very different, because all companies, in particular airlines, have made an effort to have the highest safety rates regarding possible air pollution during flights.

According to a study published by researchers at Harvard University in the United States, traveling by plane is safer than other daily activities, such as going to the supermarket.

The analyzes reported that ventilation of the air on board aircraft reduces the possibility of exposure to covid-19, making the infection rate much lower than, for example, in a closed supermarket or restaurant.

The ventilation systems “effectively counteract the proximity of travelers during flights,” the researchers said, noting that HEPA filters and frequent cabin air changes remove up to 99% of particles, including viruses and bacteria.

Likewise, the researchers pointed out that the use of face masks at all times, as well as distancing protocols, surface disinfection and pre-boarding tests are other layers of protection that help reduce the risk of contagion from covid-19 to board aircraft.

So don’t worry, traveling by plane doesn’t increase the risk of contracting the virus.

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