The Simpsons predictions that point to an apocalypse

The Simpsons predictions that point to an apocalypse
The Simpsons predictions that point to an apocalypse

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Will the Simpsons make it new? Tomorrow will be a date on which the world could change the course of its history. According to episode 9 of season 24 of this series, on september 24 it will be a day where you will live an important fact that is related to the Apocalypse.

As is known in pop culture, The Simpson have predicted many events in political and social matters, such is the case as the arrival of donald trump to the presidency of the United States, the pandemic covid-19and the most recent, the Qatar World Cup.

Why is there talk of an apocalypse?

In the aforementioned chapter, more than one digital apocalypse; Making reference to the massive blackout who will possibly live Germanyin addition to the fact that the worst of winters is approaching, especially for the countries affected by the shortage of Russian gas.

In chapter 9 of this season, you see how people leave aside all kinds of electronic devices and return to the classical methods. This behavior goes hand in hand with the theory that 10 days of darkness are coming.

The end of the world and the coming wars

On the other hand, some people who are dedicated to reading the Tarot, explain based on numerology, the meaning of this coming September 24. And if we pay attention, some aspects coincide with the current global contextlike the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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