Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be on Monday, September 19.

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Members of the royal family stopped on their way back from a prayer service to see tributes left for the queen outside Balmoral on Saturday.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England will be held on Monday, September 19, at Westminster Abbey in London, Buckingham Palace confirmed.

It will be taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday, where the coffin will rest on a catafalque.

The queen will be in the burning chapel during four days before his funeraltime in which the public can say goodbye.

Before this, the queen’s body will be at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, for 24 hours from Monday 12 September, with people allowed to pay their respects.

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His family, politicians and world leaders will attend his state funeral at 11:00 (London time) on September 19, which will be a public holiday.

From Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, where she died, the queen’s oak coffin will travel to Edinburgh on Sunday and make its way slowly to the Palace of Holyroodhouse at 4pm local time.

On Monday afternoon, he will travel in procession to St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, with members of the royal family.

There will be a church service and the coffin will rest here for 24 hours for people to pay their respects.

The next day, Princess Anne will accompany the body of his mother on his return flight to London from Edinburgh Airport to Buckingham Palace.

On Wednesday afternoon, he will be taken to Westminster Hall and will arrive at 3pm local time. Four days will pass from Thursday, before the funeral.

The state funeral is at 11:00 on the 19th, with a procession to Windsor Castle.

Before the funeral, Carlos III, the new king, will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

A period of national mourning will last until the day of the state funeral, the government announced. The royal family will observe a period of mourning for seven more days.


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