BTS: Who is Nicole? She is the girl who has been by Jungkook’s side for a long time.

BTS: Who is Nicole? She is the girl who has been by Jungkook’s side for a long time.
BTS: Who is Nicole? She is the girl who has been by Jungkook’s side for a long time.

bts is one of the most popular groups in K-Pop right now, but they will have to say goodbye to the stage until 2025. Therefore, the members have focused on their solo careers and apparently have had more freedom to do certain things like going to parties, collaborating with other artists and hanging out with other idols.

In the case of Jungkook, the singer will be the last to join the military service being the youngest, since his enlistment will be until the end of 2023 and he will be the last to leave. This has worried his fans, as they believe he might choose the Marines, one of the units that requires him the most time as a soldier.

Jungkook from BTS He also had the opportunity to attend two of IU’s concerts, one of his biggest crushes. The South Korean singer has been her favorite artist. However, there is also another young woman who has been by her side for a long time and who is now the envy of the ARMY.

VIDEO: She is Nicole, the girl who has been with Jungkook and Jimin from BTS

Jungkook He has been one of the members who accepted having had a girlfriend before becoming famous, but he confessed that he broke up with her once he joined BigHit, since he did not have much time to see her and train. Since then, he has been linked a couple of times with a young tattoo artist and an actress.

More recently, it was revealed that Nicole is a girl who has been with the idol for a long time. Who is she? Their real name is Kim Hyun Jung and she is an A&R Manager for BigHit, that is to say, she works together with the artists in the commercial part, she is also a translator and He has been able to be together with Jungkook because he works for BTS.

The young woman has been traveling with the boys, at events, concerts and group agenda. Apparently, she is the young woman who was with Jimin in one of her dressing rooms and who sparked rumors of romance, because the singer took her away from the camera when he realized that they were being recorded.

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