Not only Yusef and Nahomi, a huge betrayal between friends comes to Survivor Mexico

Not only Yusef and Nahomi, a huge betrayal between friends comes to Survivor Mexico
Not only Yusef and Nahomi, a huge betrayal between friends comes to Survivor Mexico

the season of Survivor Mexico It has shown moments of considerable tension between the participants, especially when it came to survivors within the same alliance, managing to break any relationship, be it love or friendship that had been built in the competition, making it clear that in reality all the participants were fighting. for his place in the final, no matter what.

all the betrayals in the season have been at the hands of people who had sworn in principle to remain loyal to their so-called friends in Survivor Mexico, however, at the moment of feeling the danger of the duel of extinction, any friendship was in the background in the face of the fear of definitively leaving the most complicated competition of TV Azteca.

Spoilers note that the following elimination within Survivor Mexico It will make a villain out of a participant who has only betrayed those who have extended their hand to help her cope with the difficult path of hunger and fatigue inside the jungle.

Friendships do not exist in Survivor Mexico

Showing themselves as great friends and even something more, Cynthia Y David convinced the viewers that they would come together until the end, however, the plans of Cynthia They point to a totally different strategy, so the participant will show that in reality she has not been honest with any of her classmates.

Let’s remember that Cynthia betrayed Yusef voting for him for elimination, however, in the case of Davideverything pointed to the fact that both were on the same page to advance in Survivor Mexico as far as possible, which will break the heart of the survivor when he realizes that everything was a lie.

Cyntia’s betrayal before David

The problems within Survivor Mexico and the fear of being eliminated will lead to Cynthia to play against David and eventually become the culprit for his departure, ending the incredible path he built to be able to conquer all the obstacles of the season, even being pointed out at some point as the strongest of the entire edition and the one who could win at the end.

The sad one elimination of David will be the definitive sign to stop believing in alliances within Survivor Mexico, The moment of fusion being the key piece to begin to see the true strategies of all the survivors who were ready to take out their strongest enemies one by one, even when at some point they were made great friends and allies of the season.

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