Sophie Wessex and the details that you had not seen of her significant look

Sophie Wessex and the details that you had not seen of her significant look
Sophie Wessex and the details that you had not seen of her significant look

Elizabeth II’s state funeral was full of emotions and symbolism. Keeping in detail the protocols corresponding to an occasion like this, the human aspect has not been lacking, represented through different moments of this day that will go down in history. The Windsors closed ranks so that, accompanied by international leaders and representatives of the royal houses, they could bid farewell to the monarch with the highest honors. The children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth led this farewell that took place between London and Windsor, marking the end of an era after the end of the longest reign in the United Kingdom. In the midst of the pain they were experiencing, the Windsor women were very careful with their image, making a great effort, not only not to steal attention from the moment they were experiencing, but also to be able to pay a heartfelt tribute to Elizabeth II through their image. That was the case of Sophie Wessex, daughter-in-law of the monarch with whom she had a deep relationship.



Elizabeth II: all the keys to the final photo

Is this the brooch that Princess Charlotte wore to Elizabeth II’s funeral?

Since the sad news was given, Sophie has been devastated by her loss. And it is well known that for some years, the Queen took Sophie by the hand so that she could delve into her role as part of the Royal Family, and thanks to the close relationship that the monarch had with her, her husband and their children, the bond that was formed was unbreakable. It was thus that the wife of Prince Edward appeared in the different commitments of the family, not only grieving her, but also supporting her two children, the Queen’s youngest grandchildren, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, who They looked visibly moved.

With this in mind, it was especially symbolic that Sophie made a huge effort to honor her mother-in-law’s memory during the state funeral, wearing pieces with a very important meaning. The coat worn by the Countess of Wessex was made by the firm Suzannah London, who shared through her Instagram account that the piece was made of Italian wool with satin silk complemented with hand embroidery of lilacs of the valley, the favorite flowers of London. the Queen, which were part of her bridal bouquet. The images they published show several seamstresses working so that the design would fit perfectly and would live up to the historical moment in which it would be seen.

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The tender gesture of George and Charlotte during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Accessories told their own story

Continuing with these details, Sophie chose a horseman’s hat, emphasizing the monarch’s lifelong love of horses, an aspect that was also highlighted in Princess Charlotte’s look through a historic brooch. And speaking of these jewels, Sophie chose a brooch in the shape of strawberries, which have been said to be the Queen’s favorite fruits of hers, winking at her more.

Finally, in a touch that both Queen Camilla and Sophie wanted to point out, the Countess was seen carrying a bag from the Launer firm, which accompanied the monarch with her inseparable bag during the last decades of her life. Instead of the Traviata model, which was commonly seen on Elizabeth II, her two daughters-in-law carried clutch bags from this firm in an emotional nod. Interestingly, when entering the firm’s site, the announcement is made that they are having an unusual demand, which suggests that more people are following this example and want to honor the memory of Elizabeth II through her image.

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