“The Targashians”, Kim Kardashian’s funny parody of ‘House of Dragon’

“The Targashians”, Kim Kardashian’s funny parody of ‘House of Dragon’
“The Targashians”, Kim Kardashian’s funny parody of ‘House of Dragon’

The Trgashians, a parody of James Corden and the Kardashians at House of Dragon (Photo: Infobae Reuters File)

On the British show The Late Late Show of james cordenthe family kardashian made a starring appearance in a hilarious parody of the new series of HBO, House of Dragon.

Unsurprisingly, the comedic adaptation featured Kim, Kris, and Kyle kardashian jenner next to Corden representing the family problems of the dynasty Targashian and the dispute over the iron throne.

The ingenious merger brought kim kardashian as the princess and James as the king Keith Targashianwho are trying to deal with Gayson Lannistersomeone who has brought several problems to the crown.

The most interesting thing about the parody is that they show the opinions of each character as if it were a reality show, because in one part Kim appeared complaining about her brother King Keith and he also about her.

“I run the Armored Shapewear line, the Greyscale Cosmetics company, the dungeon makeover,” he hopes. “What else am I forgetting? Oh body butter,” Kim said.

In one of the scenes there is a discussion between the brothers about who should have the right to the throne, as Demon Y Viserys I Trgaryen appear in House of Dragons.

Kim Kardashian in House of Dragon parody (Screenshot: YT/ The Late Late Show with James Corden)

And it is that Kim Targasian he would have disobeyed his brother by bringing the head of his enemy, Grayson Lannister, without first consulting the royal court.

To alleviate the situation, Kim brings him a drink that Keith suspects was poisoned and, furious, decides to accuse her with his mother. Kris Targashianwho begins to explain the whole family mess.

After a series of disputes that are shown in just 5:43 minutes of video, the Targashian royalty seemed to be at peace and the brothers had agreed to share the throne without knowing that the villain would be Kyle Targashian.

the young princess Kyle Targashian he suddenly appeared on the scene to break the moment of peace and assassinate his brother with a giant axe. “There’s only one king here, it’s me bitch”, thus ending the chapter.

The video was shared on the official channel of Youtube of The Late Late Show with James Corden and in a few hours it has managed to gather a quarter of a million views and more than 19 thousand likes.

For her part, Kim Kardashian also shared the parody through her official Twitter account. Instagram and all this in order to promote the new season of his well-known reality show the kardashians.

This installment premiered through the platform Hulu this Thursday, while for some countries the show can be seen through Disney.

And it is that the idea of ​​this new season will be practically the same as the previous ones, in which the clan kardashian jenner It will show aspects of their daily life, including controversies and problems.

It is rumored that the ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Peter DavidsonWell, this year he had an affair with Kim, who a week ago appeared at Fahsion Week with Danna Paola.

And what could not be missing in the kardashians is what it was like for her to wear the dress Marilyn Monroe on the Meet Gala.

Likewise, the process through which it went through will be shown. Kyle Jenner during her second pregnancy, as she shared that she suffered from severe depression.

And finally, we will talk about the infidelity of tristan thompson a khloe and the complicated operation faced by the mother of the clan, Kris Jenner.


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