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Coppel beats Tiffany & Co.! Millions see her rings after viral boyfriend

Coppel beats Tiffany & Co.! Millions see her rings after viral boyfriend
Coppel beats Tiffany & Co.! Millions see her rings after viral boyfriend
  • Best Global Brands 2021 has registered the brand value of Tiffany & Co.

  • Coppel is considered one of the most important department stores in Mexico, based on the study “The 50 most important companies in Mexico”.

  • The consumption of engagement rings is part of the economy that celebrations like a wedding detonate.

Coppel has more views on a single video than TikTokwhere she promotes her engagement rings, which Tiffany & specialized in the sale of these jewels.

The price of a viral video and the reaction of a brand to the social media situation is all that Coppel needed to sell one of the longest-running jewelry brands in the world on social networks.

Tiffany & Co is a company that barely managed to appreciate the value of its brand that came from a contraction since 2018 when it went from $5.6 billion to $5.3 billion and later in 2020 to $4.966 billion. In 2021, its brand value was close to 5.5 billion dollars, based on estimates from the Best Global Brands 2021.

The brand value of this company helps us to measure the expectation that there is to see its performance in social networks, where an initial expectation is to see the company consolidated as a benchmark but it is where the narratives demonstrate the importance for the stories that the brands tell. .

If we look at the projections of the study “Digital Marketing Megatrends for 2020”in this one very important feature is pointed out and that is that content marketing is the main digital marketing strategy, adding a rating of 17 percentso stories are everything in the online medium.

There is no doubt then that there are interesting measures to consider in the current market and it is the power of communication, hence the capacity of brands when advertising in the market is strategic.

In fact, if we see a very important fact, social commerce, which is this whole trend of turning social networks into complete online sales platforms, live broadcasts have become very important for consumers, who find in it a content format that transcends more and more to the consumer.

For certain brands, the stories have become important triggers to be transcendent in consumption, based on seeing cases that have become international news, such as Ocean Spray, when a tiktoker was seen on a skateboard while drinking juice from the brand.

The experience immediately went viral and the protagonism went from the user of TikTok to the brand, which immediately became a topic of conversation on social networks and earned one of the most important public relations actions in the industry.

Coppel beats an iconic brand

In this medium we revealed the story of a boyfriend who showed why he bought an engagement ring on payment and the story immediately went viral, leading Coppel herself to earn mentions from unexpected networks.

After this information was revealed, the purchase decisions made by the consumer in inflation and also the opportunities in content with which Coppel defeated Tiffany & Co. networking.

If we see the video in which Coppel simply showing off her rings, without any quirky production, this simple post adds up to more than 16 million 500 thousand reproductionsan amount that has not been reached by any post published by the American jewelry store on its TikTok account, despite having videos where Beyoncé appears.

@coppel, which ring would you choose to celebrate their love?♬ Promoted Music – coppel

Videos like the following: barely over 200 views on Tiffany & Co.’s TikTok account:

@tiffanyandco Express yourself. @beyonce wears bracelets from the Tiffany T collection. An evolution of a design originally introduced in the 1970s, the collection’s graphic motif pays homage to our heritage in a thoroughly modern way. LOSEYOURSELFINLOVE TiffanyT TiffanyAndCo ♬ original sound – Tiffany&Co.

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