3 Reasons Your Hot Radiator Hose May Collapse

3 Reasons Your Hot Radiator Hose May Collapse
3 Reasons Your Hot Radiator Hose May Collapse

The radiator is an element of the vehicle that fulfills a very important function to keep the engine at the right temperature and prevent it from overheating.

With the radiator there are other elements that help it do its job. the hosesFor example, they help transport coolant to and from the radiator.

In the radiator system is the top hosewhich carries hot coolant from the engine to the radiator. the bottom hose carries cooled fluid back to the water pump and then back to the engine.

Radiator hoses are made especially to be flexible and withstand temperatures approximately -30 degrees to 250 degrees F.

Nevertheless radiator hoses can collapse and if left unchecked, it can cause serious engine damage.

What is a collapsed radiator hose?

A collapsed radiator hose looks like a flat tire. One or both hoses may deflate if the cooling system experiences a localized or complete vacuum (negative pressure) condition.

Why does the radiator hose collapse?

There are three possible reasons for a collapsed radiator hose:

1.- Valve that does not work

The first and most common cause of a collapsed radiator hose is a non-functioning one-way valve on the radiator cap. This can occur due to age or due to contamination of the radiator cap by deposits.

2.- Blocked hose

While a blocked vent hose is a relatively uncommon event, if it does happen, it can prevent air from returning to the expansion tank as the engine cools. This will mimic the problem that occurs with a stuck radiator cap.

3.- Engine overheating

Restricted flow through the radiator can cause the lower radiator hose to collapse. This condition would be noticeable while driving.

Your first warning will be a rise in temperature beyond normal on the engine temperature gauge. Alternatively, a warning light indicating overheating may come on.


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