This Little $9 Eco-Ball Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Laundry

These eco-balls or washing ball from Ecoegg have fascinated me. (Photo:

Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to use detergent to wash your clothes. There would be no spills, no chaos, no running to the store when it’s over.

There is a product designed to replace detergent that offers that idyllic existence: it is a hypoallergenic alternative and does not contain toxic substances or phosphates, so I am convinced that it will be the trend of the future.

As a mother, I have a very close relationship with the washing machine; in fact, I see her more than my family. For that reason, I really wanted to use Ecoegg’s laundry ball, the miracle product that washes clothes without detergent. In fact, I consider anything that makes washing easier and cheaper as a personal victory. Therefore, I am delighted with this eco-ball. I’ve said goodbye to oversudsing, soapy clothes that need an extra rinse cycle, and weird chemical smells that mimic lavender, eucalyptus, or a nonspecific scent of a meadow.

Now it’s just me and the laundry ball. I no longer have to lug those heavy and cumbersome cans filled with blue liquid from the supermarket to my house or up and down the stairs. I also do not dump that polluting and unpleasant plastic waste that harms the environment. And I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for detergent.

$9 at

This little eco-ball is safe for sensitive skin and cleans clothes without the need for expensive detergent that ends up all over the place. Photo:

This little eco-ball is safe for sensitive skin and cleans clothes without using expensive detergent that ends up all over the place. Photo:

How does the wash ball work?

Well, you fill the eco-ball with white mineral pearls that are included and dissolve over time and black ceramic pearls that do not have to be replaced. At that point, both you and the eco-ball will be ready to face the months of washing to come.

You throw the eco-ball in the washing machine on top of clothing, towels or bedding, and the beads spring into action to gently remove dirt during the wash cycle. Time after time, wash after wash, your clothes will come out gorgeously clean. And the wash ball is maintenance-free to work its magic: just let it air dry after washing.

When you notice that the size of the white pearls has been reduced by half, it is time to recharge the washing ball by adding a new package. However, this set lasts 210 washes, which means you’ll have four years to go if you wash your clothes once a week.

The conclusion? It is a round business.

$9 at

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