Meibi, the brand that will make you ‘vibrate’ high for your loyalty to Merca2.0

Meibi, the brand that will make you ‘vibrate’ high for your loyalty to Merca2.0
Meibi, the brand that will make you ‘vibrate’ high for your loyalty to Merca2.0

Monica Ramos, Meibi Marketing Director, He participated this Wednesday, September 21, as a panelist at the National Congress of Digital Marketing 2022, where he not only shared his expertise in front of more than a thousand people, but also launched a special promotion for all the loyal followers of Merca2.0.

And it is that the young woman joined her marketing voice in the discussion panel “Disruptive innovation in marketing strategies”, together with great leaders of the industry, such as Eduardo Verboonen, Deputy General Director of MAC Hospitals; Teresa Flores, Marketing Director of the Boston Medical Group; and Christian Guerra, Co-founder of Previta.

On the first day of the great Merca2.0 event, Mónica Ramos spoke about the changes in mentality and health habits of Mexican consumers, especially in a stigmatized area such as sexuality. According to the expert, the Covid-19 pandemic caused the sex toy market to grow and a real disruption was generated in the cultural, mental and emotional perception of people, who little by little, and thanks to brands like Meibi, manage to disappear. the taboos around sexuality and pleasure.

In order to reward the loyalty of Merca2.0 readers and the nearly 2,000 attendees of the National Digital Marketing Congress organized by this communication medium, Meibi offers this great promotion:

20% discount on all sex toys in your eCommerce

Consumers who want to make the courtesy of the brand valid, only have to choose the product of their preference on the website and insert the phrase as a promotional code: merca20meibi

With this activation, Meibi and Merca2.0 seek to increase information on sexual health that, in addition, promotes many physical and emotional benefits for those who manage to know, exploit and enjoy their body without having to put a gender on it.

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