Jump start your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” at nearly 60% off

Jumpstart your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” that’s almost 60% off on Amazon. Photo: Getty Images.

Imagine the following scene: you are late for work. You take the keys, you open the car, you get in, you put on your seat belt, you start the vehicle and, wham!, it doesn’t start. To add insult to injury, there is no other driver nearby.

That scenario could turn into a nightmare, unless you bring a “helper” on board: the Imazing portable car jump starter. This “compact lifesaver” will allow you to start the car in three seconds or less, according to buyers. No need to ask another driver for help! And right now you can buy it with an incredible 57% discount!

No need to call a friend. You can start your car, truck, and even your boat in no time with this handy device. To take advantage of the full discount, click on the coupon on the page.

$44 $100 at amazon

Jumpstart your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” which is nearly 60% off on Amazon. Photo: amazon.com

Jumpstart your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” that’s almost 60% off at Amazon. Photo: amazon.com

Gone are the days when you had to coax another driver to pull over and pull their vehicle in front of yours to nervously connect the wires. This simple solution has completely changed the rules of the game for over . 7,900 buyers who have given it five stars. Everyone loves the ease of use and reliability of the Imazing jump starter.

very easy to use

Buyers were surprised by how easy this device is to use. Just plug the jump starter cable into the jump starter, attach the clamps to the car’s battery, start the engine, and remove the clamps. And “brum”, “brum”, you will be ready to continue on your way.

One 5-star shopper wrote: “It recharges my car battery in literally 2 seconds. It is very easy to use. I feel relieved because I don’t have to ask anyone to come help me when my car battery runs out. He has saved me more than once!”

$44 $100 at amazon

A must have for women

Many buyers consider this jump starter a safety essential, especially for women.

One appreciative shopper wrote: “This has saved my life more than once. I love it and I don’t travel without it! If you are single, you cannot miss it. Don’t run the risk of having to ask for help. Help yourself!”

“It gives me a little peace of mind,” added another. “I only had to use it once before changing the battery, but it worked perfectly. Having a device like this in the trunk is essential, especially for a woman. If your battery runs out and you have your own jumper cables, you don’t need to stop a stranger on the road to ask for help. Also, it works as a charger for the phone and as an additional light source, which I think is invaluable.”

$44 $100 at amazon

Jumpstart your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” which is nearly 60% off on Amazon

Jumpstart your car fast with this “compact lifesaver” which is nearly 60% off on Amazon

Don’t ask for help again! Help yourself with Imazing’s Portable Car Jump Starter, now on sale at 57% off. (Photo: Amazon)

Approved by professionals

Professional mechanics and car dealers have also given this device perfect ratings.

“Awesome! Awesome!” someone wrote. “I am a full-time mechanic for a large fleet of trucks/semi-trailers and heavy equipment. And when winter comes many vehicles do not start. This accessory impressed me very much. It started several engines that were completely dead. It is only necessary to click when turning the key to have full power and start working. And it’s safe. I intentionally plugged it in backwards to test it out. I am very impressed and happy with him.”

One car salesman added: “I have my own fleet of cars and batteries run out so having this on hand is a big help. It’s better than having other cart and jumper cables. I highly recommend it!”

$44 $100 at amazon

Versatile and multitasking

This smart jump starter is designed to start anything from motorcycles and cars to boats and trucks. You can even use it for your phone! And it also has a flashlight.

This shopper describes it perfectly: “We have a variety of vehicles in our home: zero-turn riding mowers, ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. We always need to jump start batteries that are low on charge. This accessory is very convenient and easy to use, in fact we are considering putting one in every car or truck. We like not having to use extension cords or chargers.”

“Very well built! Very versatile!” wrote one buyer. “It’s amazing how well built and sturdy it is. The case where it comes is solid and of very good quality. It fits like a glove. Many things can be loaded with it. It has two USB ports plus a standard Type-C cable connector, as well as an adapter to connect a cigarette lighter socket. The light is very bright. I am very impressed with its quality and versatility for the price. I’ve seen other models that cost twice as much and aren’t half as well built. I’m very impressed!”.

Reliable and with a long battery life

One shopper appreciative of the long battery life wrote that, as a woman, she was concerned “having to jump start her 2009 Honda Accord’s dead battery in a parking lot.” She said: “I bought this battery charger 3 months ago. To my surprise, it still has 90% charge left and the instructions are easy to follow. I admit I was nervous using it as I don’t know anything about car mechanics. After two attempts, the vehicle started immediately. I didn’t have to ask for help. It is compact, resistant and useful in emergencies”.

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