Jennette McCurdy: Is there a Spanish version of the book I’m glad my mom died? – The Sun of Salamanca

Jennette McCurdy: Is there a Spanish version of the book I’m glad my mom died? – The Sun of Salamanca
Jennette McCurdy: Is there a Spanish version of the book I’m glad my mom died? – The Sun of Salamanca

On August 9, the actress Jennette mccurdy premiered his book I’m glad my mom died, which in Spanish means, ‘I’m happy my mom died.’ In this material she exposed all the abuse she suffered as a child, especially during her time in Nickelodeon. In addition, he captured his experience with other young stars.

In this construction site she also spoke about the sexual assaults she suffered from a important member of television.

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Shortly after go to market, hundreds of copies have been sold from platforms such as Amazon or Kindle, for the moment only available in English.

the price of the Digital version round the 300 pesos, while the cost of the printer is close to 500 pesos. However, some people in the state of Puebla have obtained a pirated version that is completely in Spanish. It should be noted that it is in Pdf format, that is, it is not physical.

This copy is sold from 10 to 30 pesos in Facebook groups of the municipality of Cuautlancingo, as well as in some colonies From the capital. However, it is said that they are already offering it in other areas.

The vendors explained that to acquire the file it is necessary to make a bank transfer and send the voucher to a number of WhatsApp, Once the payment is confirmed, the client will receive the complete document on their cell phone. For its part, the actress has not given details about when the original Spanish version will come out.

What is Jennette McCurdy’s book about?

In this book the ex-protagonist of icarly, recounted his life starting from the moment he joined the world of show. She talked about her family and how she lived her childhood, however, as the story progresses, she begins to touch on sensitive issues that are considered controversial.

She focuses on his mother, with whom at the beginning he used to have a good relationship, but who grew up to become one of the worst people he could have known, since she committed several abuses against Jennette with the aim of making her famous.

The 30 year old actress wrote that because of her mother she developed anxiety, which led to eating disorders; also mentioned that invaded your privacy to the point of not letting her bathe alone even though she was no longer little, among other things.

In this sense, she addressed the sexual assaults of which he was a victim when he worked in Nickelodeon, and even commented that the culprit was a man whom she identified with the name of ‘The creator’, who is presumed to be the director and screenwriter DanSchneider, creator of popular series like ‘Drake Josh’ or ‘Zoey 101’.

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She indicated that her mother passed away from cancer, and although his death caused her a lot of sadness, she still felt very relieved because at last she could be free and get out of the spotlight, that’s why he gave his book that name.

Note published in El Sol de Puebla

The article is in Spanish

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