Books of yesterday and today / The 43, complaint against the JudiciaI

Books of yesterday and today / The 43, complaint against the JudiciaI
Books of yesterday and today / The 43, complaint against the JudiciaI

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The Judiciary of the Federation and the State of Israel complicate the Ayotzinapa case. As a kind of outrageous rub against an event that has gone around the world, a federal judge, Samuel Ventura Ramos, acquitted 24 allegedly implicated in the case of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa, which brings to 120 those who have managed to part of it, that benefit of the tripartite sector of the State. On the eve of eight years of the terrible and complex crime of the students, the case has become a strange display of that power, leaving the 120 mentioned free on different charges. The verbal complaint of members of the Executive Branch, which will be consolidated into a formal complaint before the courts themselves, has caused resentment among the judges, who, through the National Association of Circuit Magistrates and District Judges, made public their disagreement about being exhibited . The judges allege poor presentation of the complaints, given the executive’s response that it is about hindering justice.


The position of the first district judge of Matamoros Tamaulipas can only be understood by the protection of sectors. There is a very similar attitude already exposed, to that of Judge Juan Pablo Gómez Fierro, when granting a multitude of amparos to businessmen, who violated the executive’s electrical law. Ventura may be protecting someone or having a political stance in defense of the old system whose newly ex-president Enrique Peña Nieto lives as king in Spain, after the government considered him persona non grata and forced him to invest part of what one day It was Mexican heritage. Everything in the Ayotzinapa case converges with the power that dominated the country on September 26 and 27, 2014, because there is no convincing argument that the Executive Power at that time was not aware of an event that lasted more than twelve hours. These are arguments that have been put forward by other executives such as Miguel de la Madrid in the case of Manuel Buendía or Carlos Salinas de Gortari in the cases of Colosio, Cardinal Posadas Ocampo and Francisco Ruiz Massieu. This is public and has been emphasized many times. In that system the eyes and ears were everywhere, how is it that a president did not find out?


In the conflict around the Ayotzinapa 43, the state of Israel is added, whose government has not responded to the extradition of Tomás Zerón, a former Peña Nieto official and one of the main implicated in the case, who sought refuge in that country. Mexico and Israel do not have an exchange of prisoners, but they have maintained an open relationship in this regard, although in relation to Zerón, the return of the former official was requested for two years and there has been no solution. That government emphasizes that this solution is being sought, but with the protests of the parents of the normalistas in front of its embassy in Mexico on the 21st, Israel summoned the Mexican ambassador to that country. The matter is complicated because hooded men vandalized the Israeli headquarters with destruction and graffiti. The exacerbation about the case has reached extremes, because undoubtedly behind there are causes that those who block the solution are protecting. This situation is not being analyzed well by the parents of the normal students, because they often blame this government for not solving the case when a good part of the Undersecretary for Human Rights under the command of Alejandro Encinas is dedicated to that. The President himself has said that it has been a difficult case to face but he promises to resolve it before he ends his government.

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