UAT Book Fair: Paco Taibo II and Vania Bachur confirmed, who else participates – El Sol de Tampico

UAT Book Fair: Paco Taibo II and Vania Bachur confirmed, who else participates – El Sol de Tampico
UAT Book Fair: Paco Taibo II and Vania Bachur confirmed, who else participates – El Sol de Tampico

A great expectation has begun to be generated after the announcement of the first UAT Book Fair, in which the first names of the authors and artists who will participate have already been announced.

The writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II and the illustrator Vania Bachur are among those confirmed in this event that seeks to promote reading in the entity.

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As announced on the official social networks of the University Book Fair (FUL), This event will give space to both literary expressions and other artistic manifestations such as comics and graphic narrative, as well as music and theater.

Taibo and his stories about freedom

The author born in Spain and nationalized Mexican Paco Ignacio Taibo II will present its most recent title in the southern zone: “Freedom. Thirteen stories for history”where his facet as historian and literary intersect.

It is a book where Taibo II brings together a sample of short narrative biographies on characters of the 20th century who fought for the conquest of their freedom, among them are that of a Soviet general who changed his name 10 times; a tsarist general who wanted to be Genghis Khan; or the stay of the then young journalist John Reed in Mexico.

“These are stories to understand history, to think about who we are and our present. They are stories that I like and that I share with the people I love, with the readers, I like those crazy, unpredictable, free characters”, he also said for EL SOL DE MEXICO activist and current director of the Economic Culture Fund.

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Vania Bachur and her evil advice

Representing the exponents of graphic narrative, Vanya Bachur will be part of UAT Book Fair programto talk about their “15 Wicked Tips for Entrepreneurship and Getting Sick of Power.”

The designer and famous tiktoker, through vignettes with her particular and colorful style as well as many doses of good humor, offers a book with wicked advice -because they are sincere and direct- for all those people who are for starting an independent project and they don’t know how.

Who else will participate in the FUL?

Other guests who have been confirmed so far are:

  • The writers Fritz Glockner and Jaime Alfonso Sandoval
  • The illustrator Antonio Alfaro
  • As well as the dubbing actress Claudia Bramnfsette

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The Presentation by Vanya Bachur will be done andNext Monday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m.while that of Paco Ignacio Taibo II will take place on Saturday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m. both in the Olympic Gymnasium in the South University Center, in Tampico, which will host the UAT Book Fair.

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