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Return to Monkey Island: Get Governor Carla’s cookbook

Return to Monkey Island is, forgive the redundancy, a glorious return to the graphic adventures of the 90s. It also marks the reconciliation of Monkey Island fans with the hallmarks that Dave Grossman and Ron Gilbert gave to the original 1990 title.

Now available in Nintendo Switch and PCthis great adventure has a little bit of everything: action, exploration, dialogues, a good story and something very special: the union of Guybrush and LeChuck.


Return to Monkey Island – gameplay trailer (Nintendo Direct Mini June 2022)

Throughout the adventure we will have to solve some puzzles to advance, and one of the most famous is obtaining the mop. We already talked about it in another guidebut not from one of the more random puzzles in the game.

If you want the mop, you’ll first have to deal with Carla, the new governor of the island. we teach you how to get the recipe book to continue the plot of chapter 1.

Obtain Governor Carla’s cookbook

To get the mop (indispensable to get on board LeChuck’s ship) it is necessary to get a splinter, which will allow the elaboration of a map towards the tree we are looking for.

The problem is that the chef of the tavern needs a recipe book… that only owns Carla, the governor of the island. You can find her in the Mansion (where Elaine lived in previous installments of the saga).

Go to the Governor’s Mansion. you must search the book ”Ingredients” on one of the shelves, and then talk to Carla. You will soon realize that she is angry with you.

The reason? Apparently Guybrush did not return what Carla lent us on her day (unknown), and he does not agree to lend us the recipe book. In other words, we need your forgiveness.

The only way for Carla to forgive us is handing him a frog of forgiveness, an item that we can only buy in the Voodoo Shop. Remember to also buy a knife.

Once you have the frog in your possession, go talk to Carla and give her the item. She will forgive us and give us the recipe book so we can give it to the chef at the tavern.

Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island

Of course, this procedure is only valid if we play Return to Monkey Island on easy or normal. In hard mode it will not be enough for Carla to forgive us.

What should we do if we play on hard? Basically write a note of apology to the governor, and to compose it we must find several notes scattered around the island.

The drawback is that in each game the location of these notes is different. Still, there are two places where there will always be a note: the statue of the Calle Menor and the sign of the dock.

In case you are not very good at exploring and you cannot find the notes, then we leave you the solution:

Dear Carla, sorry for having lost the book you lent me, I appreciate that you are a fan of forcefulness as you did in Santa Catalina. I promise to do better next time”.

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Once you deliver the apology note to Carla, she will forgive us and give us the recipe book. From there the procedure is identical to that of the easy and normal modes.

Are you playing Return to Monkey Island? If so, we recommend you read our analysis of the game on Hobby Consoles, read our interview with Dave Grossman, Ron Gilbert and Rex Crowle, or find out what the end of Return to Monkey Island means (SPOILERS).

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