Books to read in September: Jarvis Cocker, retired rockers and 90’s romance

September has arrived and also the best books to read during this meyes

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good pop bad pop

Author: Jarvis Cocker

Publisher: Sixth Floor

For all fans of the legendary britpop band, Pulp, this book will be a holy grail about the British band, a look at the origins and first sketches of the band from Sheffield.d, through a dive by its leader, Jarvis Cocker, into a memory chest at his childhood home.

There, he found everything from boxes of gum to old ties and booklets with the ABC’s of what Pulp would be.

It is literally an inventory of Jarvis’s adolescence and youth, a look that teaches us that many times, the most important things in life are not always immediately evident, sometimes they are stored there for years, in a corner of the house. , and one day you just decide to clean up and zaz! A tide of emotions and memories that make you think and realize that happiness is much simpler than you think.

It is evidently the most intimate document ever written about Jarvis Cocker, there will hardly be a more personal one.


Author: Brenda Lozano

Publisher: Alfaguara

They murdered Paloma, she (before him) was the one who taught Feliciana everything about curandería, she inherited The language and explained that this magic is capable of healing people’s bodies, but also their souls.

Feliciana lives in one of the mountains of Oaxaca, and everyone goes there, because the rumors about her powers are strong, documentaries, reports and books have been made about herand she herself is the one who tells this, her relationship with The language, and how it is that Gaspar (later Paloma) has taught him everything he knows.

Along with this story is Zoé, a journalist who goes in search of Paloma’s murder, and this investigation leads her to the healer.

Both build their stories, because both seek healing and in this vein, we find this novel, written with pure magic.

Books to read in September: Jarvis Cocker, retired rockers and 90's romance 2

Baby & Solo

Author: Lisabeth Posthuma

Publisher: Planet

This is one of those books that you become attached to, one of those stories in which you identify with the whole series of situations that happen to Joel aka “Solo”, our 17-year-old main character.

The story takes place in the mid-90s, when our protagonist finds a job at VIDEOROYO, a video center where he meets Nicole aka “Baby”. These names inspired by Han Solo of starwars Y Baby of the movie hot danceare just a glimpse of the large number of film and musical references of the time.

The interesting thing about this whole situation is that Only He has been coming out of a psychiatric hospital. The reasons? That is the question that is slowly being revealed in this quite entertaining comedy.

This endearing story talks about the value of friendship and the complex task of empathy; perhaps before judging a person we should look out and observe his past, perhaps that person we distrust is an incredible person inside.

Books to read in September: Jarvis Cocker, retired rockers and 90's romance 3

Treatise on Hortography

Author: Patxi Irurzun

Publisher: Resonance

This story focuses on the narration of a former Basque radical rock star, an old rocker consumed by time who now survives in small-time jobs, in addition, he must also cope with the adolescence of his two children and the recent separation from his wife, a complete disaster.

While our protagonist joins a very absurd urban gang, which consists of correcting the spelling of graffiti on walls and badly accented posters written around the city, little by little the former members of his old gang emerge. tamponsand with them the opportunity to give a great concert, perhaps the last one. Could it be that they manage to get together to give great guitars, or is it that some of them are already healthy runners and now they dedicate themselves to cultivating orchards in their houses?

This funny story is told as a kind of diary and is a great tribute to all the music bands that never made the big leap to stardom, bands that had great potential and talent but that did not get more than a casual appearance on radio and television, it is also a novel that talks about aspirations and that it does not matter if one is 5 or 90 years old, when one is a rocker, always it’s going to be a rocker

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