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The Lope de Vega aspiring to excellence

The Lope de Vega aspiring to excellence
The Lope de Vega aspiring to excellence

The Lope de Vega Theater resumes its seasonal programming this weekend, aspiring to excellence with renowned names in the national performing arts, such as the dancer and choreographer Sun Pike, National Dance Award in 2016; and the playwright Juan Mayorgalast Princess of Asturias Award for Literature, National Award for Dramatic Literature in 2013 and National Theater Award in 2007, which presents the production in Seville ‘Silence’ by the hand of the renowned interpreter Blanca PortilloGold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2014 and National Theater Award 2012, among other recognitions.

‘Damn feathers’ is the title of the show that Sol Picó will stage on Friday the 27th at 8:00 p.m., a futuristic cabaret show in which he launches his particular hymn to the freedom of maturity, paying homage to the Barcelona parallel of the 1920s of the last century, where an infinity of theaters, cafes, cabarets and other theaters converged in which the most frivolous genres were intermingled with the social criticism, gathering among the public workers and workers with sailors and bourgeois. Picó plays a vedette to show us different episodes of her life on a journey that goes through between tenderness and decadence through their memories, experiences, experiences…

The dramaturgy of ‘Malditas plumas’, adaptation of the writer and poet Cristina Morales, -National Narrative Award 2019 for her author novel Easy Reading- plays with transformation, public interaction and confusion between fiction and reality. All this with the irony and sense of humor that characterize the art of Sol Picó, one of the essential stage personalities to define and understand contemporary dance in Spain that treasures a career with more than fifteen award-winning shows, such as ‘Bésame el cactus’, ‘La dona manca’ or ‘Barbisuperestar y Paella mixta’.

After the dance, the theater will take center stage with two performances of ‘Silence‘ the next Saturday 28 and Sunday 29, at 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., respectively, with seats sold out for weeks. The production is the result of the monologue in which the playwright Juan Mayorga,, adapts his admission speech to the Royal Spanish Academy and is interpreted by the actress Blanca Portillo.

In the role of Mayorga, Portillo addresses his listeners, the academics, and the people who have come to accompany him. He talks to them about silence in life and in the theater while traveling through theatrical silences that resonate in his memory and in his body. And it is that in the speech that Mayorga himself gave before the Royal Spanish Academy he fantasized that, at that moment, it was not himself who was vocalizing it, but an actor representing him.

As he himself explains, “it was immediately very clear to me that this discourse on theater could itself become theater, that is, a poetic experience in space and timeand that there would be no better interpreter to embody it than my friend and admired Blanca Portillo”.

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