The 15 best museums you should visit in Spain

What would life be without art? Luckily, we don’t even have to imagine it. Whether you are a lover of the avant-garde or if you fall in love with classic works, you cannot miss the best museums in Spain.

The end of summer does not at all mean the farewell of the good plans. Okay, it’s time to say goodbye to the heavenly beaches and beach bars. But autumn It is a perfect time to go hiking, enjoy a dinner show in the best restaurants or let yourself be conquer by art in a museum.

In Spain we have the privilege of having a important museum campus of different themes, with truly spectacular collections. Archaeological finds, historical works of art, contemporary and avant-garde pieces, there is something for all tastes.

Center Pompidou, Malaga

Pompidou Center of Malaga.

The Pompidou Center in Malaga was the first establishment abroad of the French institution of the same name, inaugurated in 2015. It brings together an interesting intersection of artistic disciplines.

Center Button, Santander

Center Button.

It is an art center run by the Marcelino Botán Foundation, with the social and cultural development as maxims. Its collection brings together works by the directors of the Plastic Arts Workshop, established international artists and works by artists who have benefited from the Foundation’s Plastic Arts Scholarships.

Valencian Institute of Modern Art, Valencia

Valencian Institute

Valencian Institute of Modern Art.

The IVAM boasts of a renowned artistic heritage, with works from different geographies and cultural contexts. His pieces revolve around the historical avant-gardes of the 20th century.

National Archaeological Museum, Madrid

Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum.

This museum is a public institution where you can observe objects that belonged to different Spanish and Mediterranean peoples, from ancient times to recent times.

Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum – Casa Lis, Salamanca

Art Nouveau and Art D Museum

Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum – Casa Lis.

As its name suggests, it is an epicenter of art nouveau and art deco. The decorative arts that it proposes offer a journey from the last decades of the 19th century to the Second World War.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona

Contemporary Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona.

MACBA is a referent of contemporary art in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. Its collection is made up of works by Spanish and international artists, created between 1960 and today.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León, León

Contemporary Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León.

The MUSAC collection consists of 1,144 works by 426 artistsbut this is not shown permanently in its rooms, but temporary exhibitions are held from time to time.

Museum of Fine Arts, Seville

Museum of Fine Arts.

Museum of Fine Arts.

Its collection includes paintings, sculptures and some examples of ceramics, furniture and goldsmithing. Among all of them, the works made by the descendants of artists of the sevillian school of the beginning of the 20th century.

El Greco Museum, Toledo

El Greco Museum.

El Greco Museum.

The museum centers its discourse around the El Greco figure and the influence of his work and personality in Toledo at the beginning of the 17th century. There are also paintings by Luis Tristán, Murillo, Valds Leal and other artists.

Prado Museum, Madrid

Prado Museum.

Prado Museum.

Your collection is a display of works that marked the history of art, with such famous pieces as “Las Meninas” by Diego Velzquez, great titles by Francisco de Goya such as “Saturn devouring his son”, or the bucolic “Garden of Delights” by El Bosco.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Guggenheim museum.

Guggenheim museum.

Its sinuous building is a symbol of the city, the work of architect Frank O. Gehry. Boasts an impeccable collection of contemporary art. Sculptures, paintings and installations conquer the visitor within its surprising structure.

Reina Sofa National Museum, Madrid

Reina Sof National Museum

Queen Sofa National Museum.

Within its walls you can see works by the most important names in art history. Salvador Dal, Joan Mir, Kandinsky… But the jewel in the crown is the “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso.

Picasso Museum, Malaga

Picasso museum.

Picasso museum.

Pablo Picasso is one of the most important figures in national and world art. His most famous works are brought together in his homonymous museum, a journey through the most representative moments of the artist.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

The Thyssen-Bornemisza family He exhibits his magnificent artistic collection at the Villahermosa Palace. More than 700 works of great names of national and international art, with names as important as Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Rubens, Rembrandt or Picasso.

Dal Theatre-Museum, Figueras (Girona)

Theater-Museum Dal

Theatre-Museum Dal.

This was the last residence of the Catalan artist. It used to be a theater, but Dal himself helped turn it into a museum. It is therefore epicenter of his artistic work in all its splendor, as well as a witness to his life through personal objects.

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