The world of culture turns to the preview of ‘Model 77’ in Seville

The world of culture turns to the preview of ‘Model 77’ in Seville
The world of culture turns to the preview of ‘Model 77’ in Seville

No one wanted to miss this Wednesday the preview of the new film by Alberto Rodriguez, ‘Model 77’, which has been in a session full of public in one of the rooms of the MK2 Cinesur Nervión Plaza. Among the attendees there was no lack of the mayor of Seville, Antonio Munozwho with his presence wanted to support one of the most prominent filmmakers on the national scene.

Apart from the alderman, the general director of Culture of the City Council, Isabel Ojeda; the director general of Seville City Office, Antonio Jimenez; the Secretary General for Culture, Solomon Castiel; the audiovisual director of the Junta de Andalucía, Victoria Fernandez; the director of the Andalusian Center for Historical Memory, mercedes de paul; the president of Asecan, Lourdes Palacios; the director of the Seville Film Festival, Jose Luis Cienfuegosand the director of the Andalusia Film Commission, Piluca Querolamong others.

‘Model 77’ is going to be released in all cinemas in Spain this coming Friday. The film is set in the Barcelona model prison in 1977, in full Spanish Transition. The film tells the story of Manuel Gómez (Miguel Herran) a young accountant facing a possible sentence of between 10 and 20 years for embezzlement. At first he will clash with his cellmate, a veteran prisoner named Pino, played by Javier Gutierrezbut little by little they will understand each other to reach a joint goal.

Apart from these two actors, the cast also highlights the presence of Fernando Tejero (el Marbella), Jesus Chariot (the black), Alfonso Lara (the Democrat) and Javier Beltran (the Dueso), among others. In addition, Alberto Rodríguez has had regular collaborators: Rafael Cobos (script), Alex Catalan (photo) and July of the Rose (music).

The film was shot between August and October of last year, taking locations in an abandoned artillery factory in Seville and in the model prison in Barcelona, ​​which was closed in 2017. It has been produced by Buena Vista International, Atípica Films and Movistar +.

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